All performances start at 8pm at Joe Goode Annex - 401 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA


Weekend 1

Friday, January 4 + Saturday, January 5 - 8pm

Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Sara Shelton Mann

27/ vortex

research in creating modules of character/joys of the mind

Performers: Daiane De Lopes Silva, Manon Siv Duquesnay, Cookie Harrist, Nathaniel Moore, Gizeh Muniz, Johnny Sapinoso, and Hannah Wasielewski

Weekend 1 – Friday, January 4 + Saturday, January 5 - 8pm


Sara Shelton Mann has been a choreographer, performer, and teacher since 1967.  She was a protégé of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis in New York City before moving to Canada where she met Andrew Harwood and fell in love with contact improvisation. In 1979 she moved to San Francisco and founded Mixed Bag Productions, for which she has continuously served as artistic director. One of its early manifestations was the company Contraband, launched as a performance group and research ground combining the principles of contact, systems of the body and spiritual practice into a unified system of research.  Among her awards are a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 6 Isadora Duncan Awards, Djerassi Artist in Residence Awards, Headlands Center for the Arts Residency 2016, Lifetime Achievement Bay Guardian Award, 10 Women Who Made a Difference, Bay Guardian "Goldie" Award, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award (2016) and special achievement award “erasing time": celebrating 30 years a radical dance legend, ( Sara Shelton Mann with David Szlasa and Norman Rutherford) Her Movement Alchemy training is an ongoing teaching project and is influenced by certifications and studies in the metaphysical and healing traditions. Sara’s performance work is a platform for collaboration and research in consciousness.

Photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

Photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

Byb Kongo Bibene and Kiandanda Dance Theater

350 & Million Moving Targets

In the deep uproarious and callous waters of the Kongo river, they drowned and vanished and ever found because they tried to escape their refugee status. Their makeshift boat and bodies sank and disappeared into the void of the Mediterranean Sea. They braved crossing deserts for a better living space only to find demise. Waters, the life that turned into grave heroic women, men, and progenies. Humanity is sinking with million moving targets also called refugees and immigrants.  

Weekend 1 – Friday, January 4 + Saturday, January 5


Byb Kongo Bibene is a dance instructor, researcher, choreographer and performer working in theater and contemporary dance. His own technical and aesthetic sensibility is rooted in the culture and dances of his country of origin, the Republic of Congo. He has toured the world and performed internationally with companies and choreographers originating from Africa, England, France and the USA. Artistic Director of Kiandanda Dance Theater, Bibene initiated Mbongui Square festival, a multidisciplinary arts festival that gathers dance, music, spoken word and visual artists from the Bay Area and across the world. Outside of his professional careers of Theater and Dance, Bibene has a passion for writing. He is author of numerous poetry and shorts. Bibene owns a Bachelor in Science, Economics/Finances from Marien Ngouabi University/Brazzaville, an MFA in Dance Creative Practice and a certificate in Dance Production Management, earning the Dean’s award for Academic Excellence from Saint Mary's College of California.

Photo: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders

Photo: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders

Chrysa Parkinson

Disorienting Front

Performer: Chrysa Parkinson

performed essay on Front

Weekend 1 – Friday, January 4 + Saturday, January 5 - 8pm


Chrysa Parkinson has been performing and teaching internationally since 1985. Her focus is on experiential authorship in experimental dance practices. She is a Professor of Dance at DOCH/Uniarts in Stockholm.

Weekend 2

Friday, January 11 + Saturday, January 12 - 8pm

Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Fauxnique and VivvyAnne Forevermore 


A drag queen and a drag queen walk into a bar, a room. They have pelvises and centers of gravity, centers of gravities, gravitas. And headdresses: imaginary. This is hair. This is a purse, these are shoes, that’s my hip, that’s not my hip. Oh, these are pearls. Seriously! Today all my cells are pearls. They have decided to move at exactly the same time.

QUEENT! is supported by SFAC and GFTA and is co-produced with CounterPulse.

Weekend 2 – Friday, January 11 + Saturday, January 12 - 8pm


Monique Jenkinson is Fauxnique. She performs in a variety of contexts locally, nationally and internationally, most recently in her feminist cabaret show The F Word at ART/Harvard and her most recent work Girl (a collaboration with Marc Kate) at Joe Goode Annex. She is writing a drag memoir for Amethyst Editions/Feminist Press.

Mica Sigourney is VivvyAnne ForeverMORE!- co-owner of the Stud Bar and hostess of Vivvy’s Grand Opening and FACES. S/he performs and makes works in Sweden, Ireland and SF mostly. Check out or for more info. She’s great at weddings.

Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Photo: Robbie Sweeny

Amara Tabor-Smith

Hot Mess(Sage)

This is a ceremonial rant, a dirge for white supremacy and patriarchy. An improvised call to the ancients. We show up as we are, we use what we got...the message is simple...stop fucking up

Performers and collaborators: Amara Tabor-Smith, Larry Arrington, Alexa Burrell

Weekend 2 – Friday, January 11 + Saturday, January 12 - 8pm



Amara Tabor-Smith is an Oakland, CA based choreographer/performance maker who describes her work as Conjure Art. Her dance making practice utilizes Yoruba spiritual ritual to address issues of social and environmental justice, race, gender identity and belonging in the Afro present with the soul purpose of dismantling white supremacy and patriarchy. 

Larry Arrington is a dance-artist working in hybrids of idea and practice. Her work in dance (time/space/body/whole) pivots around a desire to orient towards the capacities in us all that can glimpse unseen and unutterable horizons. Her body is her life and her life is her work.

Alexa Burrell is a Bay Area multimedia artist who composes intricate sonic and video works consisting primarily of sampled and found media. Burrell’s works emphasize the textural and visceral qualities of body, voice and identity. She is the video artist for House/Full of Blackwomen, a ritual performance collective created by Amara Tabor-Smith and Ellen Sebastian-Chang. Her work has been featured at Pro Arts Gallery, The Luggage Store Gallery,  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, SomArts, Gray Area, Betti Ono Gallery, Ashara Ekundayo Gallery and Eastside Arts Alliance. She is the recipient for the 2018 Soundwave Festival "Buzz Award" for innovation in music.

Photo: Weidong Yang

Photo: Weidong Yang

Kinetech Arts


1880-2080 investigates the interrelation between the increase of carbon, human land use and population with an exponential growth of revolutionary inventions as well as weather changes and their impact for life on this planet. 1880-2080 follows the development of scientific data in metaphorical and concrete manner focusing on the human centric paradigm that has dominated the last centuries.

This project is supported by Kinetech Arts and The ClimateMusic Project (directed by Stephan Crawford).

Choreographers: Tanja London and Daiane Lopes da Silva
Data provided by: Dr. William Collins with Rose Abramoff and Alison Marklein
Visual artist:  Ian Winters
Composer: Richard Festinger

Weekend 2 – Friday, January 11 + Saturday, January 12 - 8pm


Kinetech Arts combines the work of dancers, scientists, and digital artists to create innovative and socially responsible performances. Kinetech Arts work has been supported by Zellerbach Family Foundation, CA$H Grant, The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Rainin Foundation, Creative Work Fund, and CounterPulse. Each year, KA produces multiple performances and over 50 other public events.  

Collaborators (in alphabetical order)

Richard Festinger’s music is noted for its blend of “propulsive energy with an impeccable sense of poise and balance.” Founder of the Earplay Ensemble. Published by C.F. Peters and Wildcat Canyon Press. Recordings on Bridge, Centaur, CRI, CRS and Naxos labels. Major awards from the NEA, Jerome, Fromm, Koussevitzky, Argosy and Barlow Foundations, and others.

Tanja London is a German kinesthetic, visual and haptic artist. Her work has a feminist viewpoint and explores sociopolitical and ecological discourses such as erosion of democracy, sustainability and epigenetics. Besides a BA in Social Pedagogy and Contemporary Dance she holds a MFA in Modern Dance including a Screendance Certificate.

Daiane Lopes da Silva is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director of Kinetech Arts, where she works on the intersection of dance, science and technology. She is currently in residency at ODC Theater and Djerassi Resident Artists Program, and is on faculty at Alonzo King Lines Ballet Dance Center and Western Ballet.

Ian Winters is an award-winning media and performance artist who create both staged and open-ended visual and acoustic media environments in performance. He has received commissions from EMPAC, Rainin Foundation and the Creative Work Fund and also worked with Francis Ford Coppola, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Britten Sinfonia, opera director Netia Jones, and many others.

Photo: Kim Epifano

Photo: Kim Epifano

Epiphany Dance Theater

Rock e Malta (work in progress)

Rock e Malta, an evening ­length, anthropological performance piece by Kim Epifano. Developed in collaboration with an international web of female artists, this interdisciplinary production mixes dance, song/vocalized narrative, and sensory installations involving light, video, smell and sound (serving as participatory, site-specific landscapes) to investigate the ensemble’s immigrant histories, religion's ability to create walls, and the ruin/re-birth that comes from the collision of old/new.

Collaborators: Kim Epifano, Cookie Harrist, Janine Trinidad, Natalie Greene, Shaghayegh Cyrous

Weekend 2 – Friday, January 11 + Saturday, January 12 - 8pm


Kim Epifano has a 35-year history as a choreographer, director, performer, vocalist, educator, curator, collaborator. The Artistic/Executive Director of Epiphany Dance Theater, her work has been nominated/awarded several Izzie Awards. Recently received a Bogliasco Fellowship, in Italy. A master teacher who mixes vocalization, movement, theater, and various forms to transcend boundaries of performance to create community.

Weekend 3

Friday, January 18 + Saturday, January 19 - 8pm

Photo: Debbie Kajiyama, Design: José Navarrete

Photo: Debbie Kajiyama, Design: José Navarrete

NAKA Dance Theater

And the Twins Return… 

Inspired by the sacred book of the Mayan Civilization, The Popol Vuh, NAKA embarks into a multi-year creative project that explores myth, movement, music, poetry and drums. And the Twins Return... depicts the creation of humanity and the continued disregard and distancing from nature in contemporary times. The work is a reminder that life does not exist without our natural surroundings no matter how tech savvy we get.

Performed and created by NAKA Dance Theater - José Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama.

Weekend 3 – Friday, January 18 + Saturday, January 19 - 8pm


Founded in 2001, NAKA Dance Theater creates experimental performance works using dance, storytelling, multimedia installations and site-specific environments. NAKA builds partnerships with communities, engages people's histories and folklore and expresses experiences through accessible performances that challenge the viewer to think critically about social justice issues.

José Navarrete is a native of México City where he was first exposed to theater and dance, choreographing and performing in parks, hospitals, and children's parties as a clown and dancer. He studied dance at the National Institute of Fine Arts in México, and has a B.A. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and M.F.A in Dance from Mills College. He has studied dance with Sara Shelton Mann, Taiko with Hiroyuki Nakagawa and Argentine Tango with Nora Dinzelbacher. In 2004, José was the recipient of a Bessie Schönberg residency at The Yard, and a Djerassi residency. José is the recipient of a CHIME Mentorship with Jess Curtis, and a CHIME Across Borders fellowship with Ralph Lemon. Navarrete has taught dance and performance to youth and adults in Mexico, and in the San Francisco Bay Area at Berkeley High School, Marin Academy, Cal State East Bay, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. He has recently been named a U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Fellow and will be traveling to Tohoku, Japan in 2018. José currently curates and produces the Live Arts in Resistance (LAIR) initiative at Eastside Arts Alliance, which provides residencies and performing opportunities for artists of color in East Oakland.

Debby Kajiyama loves repetition, synchronization, chaos and surprise. She was born in California’s central valley, grew up in the walnut and cherry orchards of her grandparents’ farm and also spent several years living in Tokyo. Her interests lie in the intersection of cultural studies, social justice and performance. She is inspired by influential teachers Jenny Bitner (writing), Jimi Nakagawa (taiko), and Anne Bluethenthal (social practice); the movement research of Kira Kirsch, Sara Shelton Mann and Nita Little; and the passion of Susanne Takehara and the cultural workers of Oakland's EastSide Arts Alliance.  Debby’s artistic practice includes an attention to story, in particular trauma narratives; objects, in relation to the moving body; and the liminal state between the conscious-unconscious. Since 2001, Debby has created eight full-evening programs and numerous shorter works with NAKA that have been presented nationally and internationally. Debby has has also performed with Dandelion Dancetheater, June Watanabe in Company, ZACCHO Dance Theater,  the Dance Brigade, and Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble. She has traveled to Cuba to share Obon Festival folk dances and music, and to conduct oral histories of the Japanese Diaspora in Cuba. Debby has been an artist-in-residence at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, an Irvine Fellow at Montalvo’s Lucas Artists Residency Program, and a recipient of an ACTA Apprenticeship to study Tsuzumi with Jimi Nakagawa. She is the recipient of the 2014 The Della Davidson Prize.

Photo: Lili Favela

Photo: Lili Favela

Proyecto al Margen

Exercises to Complete Issues / Attempt 1: Hemostasis-Bleeding (fragment)

“I only want to realize when I cease to exist” 

Hemostasis is the process carried out by the body to stop a hemorrhage and heal a wound. This concept is used as a metaphor of the time it takes to perform a duel where we must necessarily go through several stages before healing.

This piece was created from ideas emerged during a residency in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) with Laura Aris in 2014.

Company: Proyecto al Margen / Karen de Luna (director)
Choreography & Dance: Karen de Luna
Original music & Interpretation: Diego Martínez Lanz
Mapping, video art + multimedia: Ricardo Arzola
Lighting Design: Enrique Morales "Chester"
Hearts Design: Gabriela Pérez y Javier Gutiérrez
Costumes:  Proyecto al Margen

Special thanks to Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA) for making this work possible. #MovilidadInternacionalFonca 

Weekend 3 – Friday, January 18 + Saturday, January 19 - 8pm

Cultural Exchange/Mexico [supported by FONCA]

FRESH 2019 is honored to host a Cultural Exchange this week with some of our favorite artists from Mexico - DELFOS in Mazatlán and Mexico City; Karen De Luna and Diego Martínez Lanz  of Proyecto al Margen in Guadalajara; and Gizeh Muñiz and Sebastian Santamaría of ProyectoCASĀ in Tijuana. All of these artists are connected through the lineage of DELFOS and the impact of its company members and students creating their own companies and platforms throughout Mexico. They have all hosted and collaborated with ALTERNATIVA in the past, most recently on a tour to Mazatlán and Guadalajara in October 2018, also supported by FONCA. They have all been engaged in all aspects of FRESH Festival from January 13-19, including a FRESH Exchange hosted by NAKA Dance Theater at East Side Cultural Center in Oakland, and FRESH Practices and Performances at Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco.

Photo: Kevin Martínez

Photo: Kevin Martínez



Choreography and interpretation: Proyecto CASA (Sebastián Santamaría y Gizeh Muñiz)
Original music by Albert Mathias

Inspired by Diálogos con el Cuerpo by Esther Seligson, Submerge is the result of an intense coexistence of three months in which Gizeh and Sebastián encountered the consequences of the annulment of individuality.

We submerged until we met our darkness. We allowed discomfort to be our guide. We encountered each other’s vulnerability with compassion. We met our own bodies through encountering The Other. In the end only in surrender and closeness are we able to accept and embrace beauty in chaos and disorder.

Special thanks to Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA) for making this work possible. #MovilidadInternacionalFonca 

Weekend 3 – Friday, January 18 + Saturday, January 19 - 8pm

Cultural Exchange/Mexico [supported by FONCA]

FRESH 2019 is honored to host a Cultural Exchange this week with some of our favorite artists from Mexico - DELFOS in Mazatlán and Mexico City; Karen De Luna and Diego Martínez Lanz  of Proyecto al Margen in Guadalajara; and Gizeh Muñiz and Sebastian Santamaría of ProyectoCASĀ in Tijuana. All of these artists are connected through the lineage of DELFOS and the impact of its company members and students creating their own companies and platforms throughout Mexico. They have all hosted and collaborated with ALTERNATIVA in the past, most recently on a tour to Mazatlán and Guadalajara in October 2018, also supported by FONCA. They have all been engaged in all aspects of FRESH Festival from January 13-19, including a FRESH Exchange hosted by NAKA Dance Theater at East Side Cultural Center in Oakland, and FRESH Practices and Performances at Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco.


Proyecto CASA is the product of a twenty year friendship. Their intimacy allows them to question their human condition and explore the unconscious in a vulnerable and irrational way, using dance and performance as their playground.

Their investigation has resulted in “Recipientes”, winner at the 5th Choreography Contest 4x4 TJ Night in Baja California and “Submerge”, in collaboration with Albert Mathias.

Weekend 4

Friday, January 25 + Saturday, January 26 - 8pm

Photo: Tom O’Doherty

Photo: Tom O’Doherty

ALTERNATIVA featuring FAKE Company + DaFuQ


ALTERNATIVA - Kathleen Hermesdorf | Albert Mathias | Cookie Harrist | Delaney McDonough | Gizeh Muniz | Sebastian Santamaria | Hannah Wasielewski

FAKE Company - Caitlin Fisher | David Jensen | Kata Kovács | Kentaro Kumanomido | Ursula Marcussen | Gareth Okan | Thomas Anthony Owen | Adi Brief [Manager]

FAKE Company is an eclectic international group of dance, theater, music, visual, video and culinary artists whose work is embedded and embodied in ongoing improvisational practices. They gather in a fluid and flexible container of artistic freedom within creative collaboration for intensive projects that dive into, dig under, shake up and share the current state of the human condition. Initiated by Kathleen Hermesdorf, and engaging artists who discovered each other at Ponderosa in Germany, FAKE features creative interpreters from Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, the United States and New Zealand.

The theme of FRESH Festival 2019 and the title of ALTERNATIVA + FAKE Company’s new work is Reckoning. We are in the thick of it, facing the music and figuring the math. What is fake and what is fact? Who needs to talk and who needs to listen? Where is the balance, the justice?

Reckoning premieres on the final weekend of FRESH Festival, January 25 and 26, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of ALTERNATIVA. Created by Hermesdorf and Mathias in collaboration with ALTERNATIVA artists and FAKE Company, Reckoning engages in highly visual, deeply physical, viscerally sonic, and rigorously human improvisational and devised material.  

Weekend 4 – Friday, January 25 + Saturday, January 26 - 8pm


Caitlin (C.D.) Fisher is a former pro athlete turned football-activist and performance artist. She is involved in organising around the labour rights of female players and promoting gender justice in sport through movement. She remains committed to the great potential of the world’s most popular game to create community and collective action, to allow for subversive and free bodies, and offer us alternatives beyond our current order. She is co-creator of the Guerreiras Project and the contes/xtingSPORT collective.

Cookie Harrist has danced in works by Joe Goode, Sara Shelton Mann, Larry Arrington, NAKA Dance Theater, Catherine Galasso, and Kim Epifano. She teaches contact and technique at ODC. Cookie’s own artistic/political work fights the culture of sexual assault in Contact Improvisation, as featured in the latest issue of CQ.

Kathleen Hermesdorf is an international dance artist, educator and producer, and the Director of ALTERNATIVA and FRESH Festival in San Francisco. She has been dancing in the Bay Area since 1991 and teaches, performs, improvises, creates, curates and mentors around the world. Hermesdorf was a member of Bebe Miller Company, Contraband/Sara Shelton Mann and Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. A collaborator at heart, she co-directed Hermesdorf & Wells Dance Company with Scott Wells and Collusion with Stephanie Maher, a partner in PORCH summer/school at Ponderosa in Germany since 2010. Hermesdorf brings over 20 years of experience from the field, studio and stage to her work and holds a BFA and an MFA in Dance Performance + Pedagogy.

David Jensen (1987) Actor, Danish. Has a BA in Acting from the Norwegian Theater Academy in Fredrikstad 2015. Founding member of the performing arts collective by Proxy, currently artists in residence at Theater Freiburg. Has taught at The National School of Performing arts, Ryslinge Højskole and Rødkilde Teaterhøjskole. Awarded by Körber Studio Junge Regie (2015) and has received the Danish Arts Funds’ working grant for performing artists (2016 & 2017) as well as artist travel grants to Palestine (2015) and Guatemala (2017). Main interests are post-political theatre, social dramaturgies and analog synthesizers.

Kata Kovács is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and arts organiser. After her studies as a contemporary dancer in Budapest, she wound up in Ponderosa in the summer of 2010, as a participant in the first year of P.O.R.C.H. Since 2011, she has lived and worked in Berlin, spending most of her summers at Ponderosa, working as a co-ordinator, facilitator, and curator.

She was present at the establishing of FAKE company in 2016 (?) at Ponderosa and has been involved ever since, performing both at Ponderosa and in Berlin. Her own artistic works frequently focus on repetition, combined with elements of slow looking and listening, often putting herself into unusual spatial situations. She is also part of the duo Kovács/O’Doherty, in collaboration with the artist Tom O’Doherty together with whom they presented works in museums and galleries in Europe and in the USA.

Kentaro Kumanomido US-born, queer-identified media artist based in Europe. Kumanomido completed a MFA in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University and a BA in Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ursula Marlee Marcussen (1988 DK) is a dancing artist, based in Amsterdam. She has a background in theatre, dance, performance and photography and is currently attending the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. She has performed and produced in various collaborations with artists such as Signa, Yoshiko Chuma, Mute Comp. and Baby Skin Collective. Her skills span across many disciplines including photography, painting, video, performance art, poetry and singing.

Delaney McDonough is a maker & producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Their collaborations have been presented by Triskelion & NOGO Arts (NY), Studio 303 (Montreal), Vermont Performance Lab (VT), and School of Contemporary Dance & Thought (MA), among others. Delaney’s performed with Heidi Henderson (CT), Annie Kloppenberg (ME), Hana van der Kolk (NY), Asher Woodworth (ME) and served as a Teaching Artist at Colby College 2016-2017.

Gizeh Muñiz Mexican artist and educator. Believes that creation through the body is the best path to generate consciousness and empathy in the world. She has performed as a dancer and creative collaborator in Lizz Roman & Dancers Company San Francisco, CA; Silla Danza and Teatro de León in Baja California; Ocho Proyecto Gato, Mexico City as well as personal projects with tours in Mexico. United States, Europe and Central America. She co-created Proyecto CASĀ with Sebastián Santamaría.

Gareth Okan was born in Auckland New Zealand a whole 26 and a bit years ago. he has been dancing for 21 of those 26 years, though started taking it somewhat more serious when he went to study at the New Zealand School of dance in 2010 graduating in 2012 as a contemporary major. since then he has dabbled in professionalism by working with the New Zealand Dance Company. SALTED:SINGLET, Christof Winkler, among others. Currently, he has a bittersweet love for ceramics with the decision that he will forever admire them but never make them.

Thomas Anthony Owen is a trans-feminine identified social justice activist, film maker, writer, healer, lover and friend. Their artistic work is based in the forging of authentic relationships to land and people, collaborative media strategies, femme-forward social practices, movement research, and science fiction speculation. Their film and performance works have been shared in Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Stockholm, Athens, Austria, France and beyond.

Sebastián Santamaría Barajas, mexican dancer, teacher and choreographer. Graduated from the Bachelor of  Dance at Universidad de las Américas Puebla. In 2016, he creates ProyectoCASĀ with Gizeh Muñiz, a dance collective with the intention to create performative art by collaborating with artists among the world. Sebastian and Gizeh performed their first piece “Recipientes” at the dance contest 4x4 Tj Night in Tijuana, Baja California. In 2017, he joined Provincial Dances Theatre in Yekaterinburg, Russia, where he performed pieces by Tatiana Baganova, Walter Matteini and Skandalisi Dance. During his residency in Russia he created IN-Courage, in collaboration with Theatre 27/1 Independent Dance Theatre, performing at the Museum of History of Yekaterinburg. Since April, Sebastian lives in Mexico City, working at a High School for the Arts and collaborating with Nómada Proyecto Escénico and Skandalisi Dance.

Cathy Walsh is a choreographer, performer, and lighting technician from Cork, based between Ireland and Berlin. She holds a BA in Theatre Studies from University College Cork, an MA in Contemporary Dance from the University of Limerick, and a post-graduate in Ensemble Performance from Queen’s University Belfast. Her work focuses on improvisation, conversation, intimacy, and collaboration with the audience. She is currently interested in Time, Frequencies, and Touch. Cathy has choreographed her own work, as well as work with others such as Cécile Bally, Kareth Schaffer, Melanie-Jame Wolf, Mary Pearson, and Tino Sehgal. She most recently performed The Power of Frau with dance artist Maria Svensson at Cork Midsummer Festival.

Hannah Wasielewski is a dancer, performer, arts organizer, and biodynamic craniosacral therapist based in San Francisco, CA.  She performs her own work as a solo artist and in collaborations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has shown work in Arezzo (Italy), Ponderosa, and Earthdance. Most notably, she has performed in San Francisco for Sara Shelton Mann, Kinetech Arts, and Sara Kraft/KraftyWorks. She has also performed in works by Helen Walkley (Vancouver), David Dorfman (NYC), Seán Curran (NYC), and Leslie Seiters (San Diego).


Albert Mathias is a multi-disciplinary musician based in San Francisco since 1991. He creates and performs composition and sound design for dance, theater, film, video and audio mediums, and is the music director of ALTERNATIVA, with dancer Kathleen Hermesdorf. He was a member of Bebe Miller Company and Contraband. Mathias has produced 15 records of original music and collaborated in numerous bands, most notably LiveHuman, an internationally acclaimed improvisation-based trio with DJ Quest and bassist Andrew Kushin. Mathias attended California Institute of the Arts and Ali Akbar College. His eclectic sounds can be found on I-Tunes, Bandcamp and CD Baby.

Wiley Evans has been creating sub-sonic dirtiness with the tuba for the past few decades. As an integral part of  Guy Goode & the Decentones, and the Extra Action Marching Band, Wiley helped create bombastic compositions while performing with crazed waggery. He studied with an amazing collection of artist including: Zachariah Spellman, Roger Bobo, Morton Subotnick, Barry Schrader , and Roscoe Mitchell. Wiley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in music performance from San Francisco State University, and a Master’s Degree in music composition from California Institute of the Arts.

Andrew Ross Kushin is an american bassist & visual artist born in nyc 1969. he grew up in san pedro california. he has lived in san francisco since 1992. shortly after arriving in the bay area, he began playing with albert mathias & charles sharp in the free jazz trio thread. in 1995, he joined sara shelton mann’s multidisciplinary performance troupe contraband - touring, performing & teaching throughout north america. in 1997, he & mathias formed livehuman with dj quest. the trio released recordings on fat cat & matador records - performing internationally for over 10 years, including an appearance at the montreux jazz festival. he co-led the improvisational string trio closer to carbon with peter whitehead & norman rutherford, releasing 2 titles on out of round records - a label he co-founded with rutherford. outside his recent work with dafuq project, he studies jazz performance with saxophonist joshua smith.